Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm not sure how mommy and daddy could leave a face like this, but I stayed at grandma and grandpa's house again over the weekend.
I played hard with Trigger and Jakey. When I got home I was so POOPED that I fell asleep like a little froggy.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank Dog it's Friday!

I loved my pink loofa frienemy so much that I decided to perform an operwation on its little squeaky brains.Mommy decided she didn't want me pulling out all the stuffing guts (and choking on it and getting it all caught up in my insides... paranoid!) so she bought me some new toys.
You may have noticed that she also bought me a t-shirt. Upon further inspection, you will find that my new t-shirt has a Wallymelon on it. My mom is like completely obsessed with corgi/big dog breeds and Wally takes the cutie cake.
Daddy was horrified at the sight of a dog in clothes, but I don't mind my shirt at all. I'm a mo-model, you know what I mean? I can't wait to get my first dress.
Today mommy took me to work where I met Bob the Bichon. Unfortunately, mommy didn't bring her camera so you can't meet Bob just yet. After a hard (half) day's work, we went to the V.E.T. where they poked and prodded me and I whined a ton for mommy to take me home. I now weigh 6.1 pounds, which is nearly twice as much as my weight at the last visit three weeks ago! The doctor said I wear all six of my pounds really well and mommy and daddy are taking good care of me. I wish he would have ordered them to give me more treats.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yo Tengo HAMBRE!

Mommy, daddy, what is this? An EMPTY food bowl!? Unacceptable!

(Since mommy has opposable thumbs - and is a big meanie human - she gets to include this embarrassing shot of me sitting in my empty bowl after a delicious meal. I'm mortified! D'oh!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

SukiDuki Booty, Weekend Warrior

I don't even know where to begin. This weekend was craaazy!

Grandma came over on Friday afternoon and scooped me up and took me home with her. She said something about mommy and daddy needing mommy and daddy time or something like that. Like I care! I got to spend time with my BFF Jakey and my grandma and grandpa, so whatever they did, I actually think I had the better night.

Saturday mommy and daddy picked me up and took me home for lots of kisses and cuddles. Then auntie Nen came over and fed me champers!
Just kidding. She didn't let me have any but I tried my hardest. If I seem a little disappointed in the next picture, that's why. Womp wooomp!
This was supposed to demonstrate our family bond but all I really cared about in that moment was getting to the wine. Mommy says Just Say No to under-aged pug drinking.
To make it up to me on Sunday mom and dad took me to PUG PLAYTIME! Wooo! There were something like 60 bajillion dogs there.

First I surveyed the scene.
Then I sniffed out the nearest humans under 12 and POUNCED. I love kids!
And then the most exciting thing ever happened! I met my brother! Or cousin! Or some other kind of family member! Mommy and the nice lady found out that she got my brother/cuz, Yoshi from the same dairy farm and we think we have the same parents. And the weirdest thing of all is that mommy and daddy almost named me Yoshi. Strange...
He ain't heavy, he's my brother! Am I really going to get that big?

I ended up falling asleep on my mommy's shoulder at the pug meetup while a lady told her how bad my vet is (so I guess we'll be looking for another one). It was so fun to meet dogs like me!

And then the cherry on my Sundae (Sunday):

We went BACK to grandma's! Unfortunately meanie Trigger came out to play. You can even see it in his eyes.
Okay so Trigger is not really a meanie BUT he's not very gentle either. He got me so excited that I hurt my little leg and cried about it. I'm feeling much better today. But still. Also check out those nostrils. Some people looooove to flaunt what they've got and rub in the fact that I do not have nostrils. Thanks, Trigs. Thanks a lot.

I am not amused.

The. End.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Tag At A Time!

Holy moly - I've been tagged! Suki wants to know what five items I would put in my time capsule for future dogs to check out. First I wanted to know why I have to share my junk with dogs that don't event exist yet! I'm more of a taker than a giver when it comes to stuff like this. But mommy 'splained it and I suppose if it means my cute little puggy legacy lives on, then here I go:

1. My kong. This is sort of a selfish one because I personally don't care for my kong. But then it's sort of like giving to charity because I hear that other dogs of our time really go crazy for these things, and why should dogs of the future go without? Somebody might as well get enjoyment out of it. Especially since I will selflessly sacrifice a treat to go inside of the kong for the future pup. Dang, I'm such a giver.
2. Fish. OMDog fish is my most favorite treat in the whole wide world. Mommy taught me to do SIT with fish and maybe future doggies can learn some tricks over fish. Mmm, fish! No doggy should go without! (No Nemos were hurt in the training of Ms. Obedient Suki Sumo)
3. A loofa dog (but not my loofa dog). Every pup should have one good frienemy. Look at that smile - friendly, or maniacal? It just depends on my mood. So while my own loofa is in no shape for time travel (or sitting in a box unloved and untormented), I want to show future puppies how important it is to have a good frienemy.
4. I definitely think I ought to include a gremlin - which is something I am NOT. However, mommy calls me a gremlin all the time when I get excited. I admit that I do make some weird noises. Thanks to my time capsule inclusion, future people and pups will have a name for the super duper awesome puppy noises we emit.
5. One of my food bowls and a picture of me showing mommy and daddy that I AM HUNGRY FEED ME NOW SO HUNGRY I NEED FOOD! This is the pug's plight. The picture demonstrates the way you convince your humans you are way underfed and deserve more delicious food now.
So that's the Time Capsule de Suki Sumo. I'm not sure who has been tagged, but I don't think I have seen Ms. Jemima Jones' time capsule yet, so Jemima - consider yourself tagged!

I know I was tagged by Wally to do my five favorite books, but I need to think about that a little longer. I have my very first Twin Cities Pug Meetup playdate today, so be on the lookout for a report soon. I'm going to go nap so I'm rip-roaring ready to go this afternoon!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Mom doesn't feel like helping out with my long story about the lake this morning but she doesn't mind helping me post pictures of it, so she made me STEAL this Meme from my buddy Jemima Jones.

1.Your age?
I turned 10 weeks yesterday!
2. Your age when came to live with your people?
I was a wee pup of seven weeks.
3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now?
I loathe my collar, but it is red (of course).
4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with?
GRANDMA! Or aunti Maui. Or aunti Nen. Or Jakey (the doggy person), or... too many to choose from. I really like people!
5. How much do you weigh?
Mommy guesses about 4 or 5 pounds because a couple weeks ago I was 3.5 at the vet and I have grown a lot since then.
6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up?
I haven't gotten to the 'spensive stuff yet. Most of the things I chew are pretty inexpensive themselves, but could be dangerously expensive once ingested (like plugged in electrical cords, the rug, metal objects, mommy's toes).
7. Do you like other Dogs?
The bigger the better!
8. Who is your best non-human friend?
Jakey, even though we're on the outs right now.
9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls?
Mini minty flavored tennis balls.
10. Do you like to be brushed?
I don't seem to hate it, but I'm not sure I dig it.
11. Peanut Butter or Cheese?
12. Do your people cut your toenails?
Yes, and it's not my favorite game.
13. Any formal education?
Not yet, mommy keeps saying "next paycheck!"
14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny?
OMD energizer bunny!
15. Five nicknames your people call you.
Booty, Pootie, SukiDuki, Duki, Little Lady
16. What is your best trick?
Mommy says Sit is my only trick, but I like to think the one where I bark until I get my way is my best trick.
17. Do you like kitties?
I don't know, mom says they make you sneeze, and other than that I have heard mixed reviews.
18. What did you have for breakfast?
A mix of wet and dry food, delish!
19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)?
No kills yet, but I stalk mommy's toes all the time.
20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.?.
About two weeks ago for a check-up, and I am due next week to be poked again.
21. Where do you sleep at night?
In my red bucket bed with a frozen water bottle and, most importantly, with my best friend/mortal enemy, the pink loofa dog.
22. Do you like to swim?
I'm not sure but I do know that I. HATE. BATH. TIME.
23. Can you make puppies?
No, mommy says "perish the thought!" because I am tooooo young!
24. Your favorite place to visit?
Grandma and grandpa's house.
25. Do you give kisses?
Yes, but only when I want to.
26. Can you potty on command?
Yes sometimes, but only on accident. I also potty when I am being commanded to "NONONONO STOP Suki Su!"
27. To Cuz or not to Cuz?
I have NO idea what this means, but if it's a delicious treat or chewable toy, I am sure the answer is CUZ.
(This is me totally POOPED after the lake)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Bwahaha! Choo-choos! But seriously, this cartoon is a bit patronizing - not to pug parents (because it's generally true), but to us pugs. We are a tough breed! I can take on all the big dogs and any toes that venture to cross my path.

This is me gearing up to attack some unsuspecting toes (to the right).
Other than the comic, things are pretty much the same these days. Mommy and daddy go to work, I do secret stuff like sleep and play with my toys, and then I wiggle my little booty when someone comes home. Then I usually do my bidness on mom's clothes because she's a dummy and keeps putting them on the floor and she is mine.

Actually, Dude- speaking of pee pee, while I admit that they really tie the room together, I have micturated upon both of these valued rugs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mom's Entry

SukiDuki's new nickname:

As in, it's really BOOTY when Suki poops on a pile of clean clothes right after she has been let outside to go potty (and refuses to go).

(*I must make an edit and admit that all is forgiven, because I can't look at that beautiful squishy face and feel anything but pug love*)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Drrty Grrl

This weekend I helped grandma plant some hostas in the garden.
Grandma taught me how to dig holes and I snacked on some delicious wood chips.
I got really dirty, which was awesome because mommy and daddy had just given me a bath the night before. I sure showed them.
Grandma watered the hostas while I supervised.
I made sure the hose was in working order.
Mommy made me take a bath, but to make up for it she let me steal Trigger and Jake's bone.
And grandma loves me so much that she got me another bed and a new toy!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Best Day Ever!

Today was the Paws On Grand event!

I met a lot of new friends. The first was this poofy white dog whose breed name I cannot remember, but the humans were saying something about a Malaysian island and cotton. Makes sense I guess. She is seriously adorable and just my size.
The poofy white cotton dog introduced me to some Dachies. Maybe they are related to Luckie?
The handsome Pug pictured below is my Romeo. No really, that's his name. See how I flirt?
This Boston Terrier wasn't interested in me, but mommy loves BTs and this little smiley girl reminds us of Ruby.
We don't have any Great Dane or Newfoundland blogger friends, but these two gentle giants are super sweet. Mommy says I am getting a little too big for my britches because I like challenging the big dogs to a rumble.
Daddy bought me a new harness and it's a little too big, but I should grow into it in a couple of weeks. As you can see, red is my signature color. We're so cute.I hope everydoggy is having a great weekend like us!