Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi pups- sorry I've been gone so long. Mom started a new job (!) and I went on vacation for about 10 days up at the Big House. While I was relaxing with Moj, Trigs, Jake and Chili, mom and dad were traveling. They visited lots of places, including some old dude made of rock in South Dakota,
A big dark hole in the earth,
the place where people used to live in scary steep cliffs,
and finally, the place where they played lots of loud music.
When we all got home, mama put together a new shop while I supervised (notice my watchful eye).
Since then, we've been busy thinking about Pug-O-Ween and trying to decide how to dress up.
If I look a little worried in this picture it's because I think this costume is a little crazy. A c-a-t AND a skelly-ton?
This doesn't make any sense... Maybe the altitude is still affecting mama's brain?
Need I remind you that I do NOT get along with c-a-t-s?
Enough with the kitty ears! Underneath the skelly-ton I am wearing my snowpeople jammies. It has been so cold and SNOWY here. We're not really ready for winter, but what is a puggy to do besides burrow in some warm blankies to stay warm? What do you doggies do to stay warm?