Friday, March 28, 2008

Good News - and other news...

First I have to tell you that my best buddy Clover sent me a package all the way from Cananada! Mom took all sorts of pictures of me with a toy (my new fave!), some yummy treats and a beautiful piece of artwork but of course her 'puter is still on the fritz. I promise to post the pictures as soon as we're all fixed up around here. Thanks, Clover! I love the giftables!

The good news is that mommy finally got some geniuses at the Apple store to work on her 'puter. The bad news is that her hard drive bit the dust and she might lose all her precious photos and lots of music if they can't save the files. They're keeping the iBook at the store over the weekend to see what they can do to help her out. Mom says this will teach her a big lesson about backing up files and giving her pug more treatables. (Okay, I'll admit I made that last part up.)

The other news is that mom and dad are going to Suki Suuu Falls (in South Dakoh-ta, oh yah) over the weekend so mom can try on her pretty white dress. No pugs allowed, they say, which is fine because I didn't feel like spending 8 hours in the car anyway and I love my grandma and grandpa and uncles!

I am going to take lots of walkies this weekend because the weather is supposed to stay above freezing (whoopee!). I'm getting a little pudgy hanging out with grams and gramps so much this month. They're really good at giving in to my puggy chirps and snorts at meal time. I bet Pedro likes a little ba-donka-donk though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Congratulations, Dad!

We are so proud of daddy today because he went to TEXAS last week to take a really important test. He has been waiting and waiting for his results... and tonight we found out that he PASSED with a 99 pawcent! That means that dad will soon be an Air Traffic Controller and mommy is beaming because she has such a smart husband-to-be.

We love you, daddy!

PS - Mom's computer is still broken so I have no new pictures to share, but I can assure you that she has been taking cuterest pictures of me. I can't wait to share them with you!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Still Alive!

Hi! I want to let everydoggy know that I am STILL ALIVE! I miss you all and I promise I will blog again soon.

March is a really crazy month for mom and dad, so I've been spending lots of time with grandma, grandpa and my uncles Trigger and Jakey. Last week we had really nice weather (like 45 degrees!) so mom took me on a really long walk and I got all muddy. It was pawsome. It's good to be a pug.

I hope everyone has a happy St. Patrick's Day! Mom and dad are both Irish for reals and so this is one their favorite holidays. They're calling me Suki O'Sumo. I hope everyone got to try some of the corny beefs. Mom let me have some and OMDog was it delicious! Woof!