Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Blog Friends!

Heya doggins! I made a new blog friend and I want to tell you all about her. She is a Dumbo Rat and her name is Thelma.
Isn't she cute? And she loves snackies and cuddles and blogging just like all of us dogs and coyotes and kitties! She has a sister named Penny, but she has been too busy to blog just yet.

Please go say hello!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Could Have Been

This is me in my flower pug harness.
Workin' it!
You can't see it well, but even the leash had flowers and diamond rings. Bling!I decided not to be in the wedding because I did not want to take attention away from my parents. It's not cool to upstage the the bride and groom. After all, I am a selfless puggy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


When mom and dad told me they were going on a honeymoon waaaay up north almost to Canada, I though about all the stuff I would need to take along.And I packed my suitcase. But then daddy told me that I wasn't going to the very very top of Minnesota. I had to take my suitcase to grandma and grandpa's house. I am always excited to go to their house because Jakey and Trigs and I have a fabulous time. And I got to play with this new totally pawsome toy.
When mom and dad came home, I saw pictures of the trip and am NOT sad that I missed out on this: Boring.
Bor - Hey, what is that!?!? Droolables??

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Week In Photos

In no particular order:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Pressie From Clover!

My best buddy, Clover sent me a pressie all the way from Cananada! It arrived in our mailbox in a heap - the US Postal Service did a number on the package and then stuffed everything in a plastic bag, but all of the contents arrived undamaged.

I love getting mail and Clover sends some pawsome packages!

First I had to investigate (such lovely colors!).
I called Trigger over for help.
First we found my favorite kind of TREATABLES! OMD I love those bacon and cheese treats - they are soooo tasty.
Then a blue pawpsicle toy that squeaks.
And a very expensive imported Canadian pawfume stuffie called Eau de Pooch. Clover has a taste for only the finest stuffies.
Clover, you are so sweet for thinking of me and sending giftables. Even the tissue is a fun new toy!
Thank you! I am a happy pug!

Wedding Pug

I hope everydoggy can forgive me for my long absence from blogging. I promise I have a good excuse: Mommy and daddy got hitched this weekend! I've been so busy helping them by visiting with family and out of town guests and being a pretty good puggy... mostly.

Before wedding rehearsal on Tuesday, grandma and aunti Maui took me to get gussied up at the doggy day spa.
Did you notice my special new harness and pretty pink nails?
Here is a closer look:
Daddy was appalled and mommy was ecstatic!

On Wednesday we had a HOT rehearsal.
I am in the front mooning the camera. Rehearsal was really hard. I was overheated and overstimulated and overexcitered about being around so many of my favorite people. The trip down the isle was disastrous! I was confused and kept winding around the flower girl and dragged her down the isle cause I just wanted to get out of the sun and into the shade.

I was so naughty and hot at rehearsal that I got 86'd from the ceremony. I think I had way more fun at home with Trigs and Jakey anyhow!