Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bad News.

My mom's iBook broke this week and all of my cuterest pictures are on that computer. She's going to take it to the Mac store today and see how much it will cost to get it fixed. It looks like I am going to be taking an involuntary blogging hiatus. I'll miss doggin' bloggin'!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I <3 Pedro

The package from Pedro arrived while some men were working on our aparmtent. They said they are "dog people" but their dogs have never received anything in the mail... so they think I am a very special pug and that mommy is a little crazy. I just feel bad that their dogs don't have pawsome blog friends and cuterest BOYfriends like meee!

This box has hearts all over it because Suki loves Pedro.
There is a card included that says "SUKI" in fancy gold and also there is a super chewy felt heart (of course I had to taste it).
I wanted to read the card myself.
I can't believe I have a Valentine on my very first Valentine's day!
Pedro sent me so many goodies, including my two new favorite toys. This one says "LOVE" because that's what Valentine's Day is all about. Also this is a SQUEAKABLE, which is the best kind of toy. It is the loudest squeakable anyone has ever heard! So pawsome.
The other toy is a fuzzy blue animal thing. You probably spotted it in the first picture (which is the only picture of the box that doesn't clearly show Pedro and my addresses).
I got to take that bad blue boy to work yesterday and that was very entertaining. Is there anything else in the box?
Yes! But what is it?
Oh my dog! It's Pug Crunchies!
Does everyone see this!? PUG CRUNCHIES!
Get in my belly, pug crunchy!
Nom nom nom. So delectable!
Pedro, you sure know the way to a girl pug's heart: Heart-shaped treats!

Thank you! I had the best Valentine's Day in the whole wide world!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


My puggy love, Pedro sent me a giftable today so that means he is my Valentine and I am his. He is so super duper cute.
Sigh. There he is. Mom left her camera cord at work today, so tomorrow I will tell everydoggy all about the pawsome package. But for now I say THANK YOU to Pedro (and his mommy for helping him out!). I looove the goodies!
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2008

A big giant update.

I had a really exciting week. I suppose I should post about it in order. First I went to a pug meet-up, where I was mostly annoyed with all the other pugs.
There I am with ears back and tail about to descend. I wasn't really in the mood to socialize. Mom and dad said I was being a trouble maker because a few times I decided to tuck tail and run in big circles around the place, about a dozen pugs would chase me, and it caused all sorts of puppy pandemonium. It was like a little pug-cyclone. Ha-ha!
Later that night mom and dad had a get together at grandma and grandpa's house (they were vacationing in San Francisco). I got to see some of my most favorite humans like Aunti Kim!
After the party with Aunti Kim, Nen and Maui, I had a pretty normal week. That is until I met my neighbor Ike after many months of pee-mailing all over Summit Avenue! OMD is he handsome or what? (No worries Pedro, you're still my main pup).
Ike's mom and dad are awesome because they fed my mom and dad and me pizza and beer, which are pretty much the best foods ever. Ike wasn't feeling overly sociable but I would say that we kind of bonded over our love of pizza crusts and treatables. But then his mom gave my mom these terrible torture devices:
They are called "BOOTIES" and I think they are appropriately named because they are BOOTY. They make me do the high-step and look ridiculous! This is about as close as Ike and I got all night and here he is sympathizing with me on the whole clothes thing.
Ike's mom also gave me this coat which I do like so THANK YOU, Ike's mom!
I know this is a really long blog posting but I got a couple more giftables so let me tell you about them quickly. After the booty-abuse mom and dad felt bad so they went to Bone Adventure and brought home a pig snoutable, a delicious knee cap and a pizzle! Mmm. That snout may have been more delectable than beer, even. Maybe.
And finally! Drumroll please... Daddy picked up that mysterious package from the post office! It was a super cool pug calendar from Ms. Jemima Jones and her mom!
I was super tired from my exciting week so I made dad unwrap it and bring it to me so I could investigate from the comfort of my kennel. Oh boy, I am dreaming of spring when I will have warm weather acceptable for outdoor pooping like this pug. Thanks, Jemima! My mom and dad and I love it and mom says she's going to hang it up at work. She's known there as the crazy pug lady. Whatever!