Monday, August 27, 2007

Super Size Me

Here is a picture of me not so long ago that I have posted a couple of times already. I am using it to show you how much I have GROWN in the last month or so.
Don't I look so grown up these days? I have no idea how much I weigh right now but mommy guesses I'm tipping the scales at nine or 10 pounds. And I'm not even four months old yet! Daddy seems to be a little sad about how fast his teeny tiny puppy is growing up.

Mommy suspects this growth spurt is due to the following:

1. The peanut butter kong
2. CHEESE (which I hardly ever get to eat, meanie mommy)
3. Yogurt in the morning
4. Homemade frosty paws
5. Fruitables

These are my favorite FOODABLES! I was tagged by Ruby to tell everydoggy about them. I noticed that Ruby's mom told about hers too. I'm an observant pug (especially when it comes to the eatables) and noticed that my mommy has some favorites too. She really loves chicken tacos, walleye fishies, dark chocolate, cheesecake, and Indian food.

Oh man, I'm getting hungry thinking off all of these delicious treats. I'm off to go beg for mommy's dinner now!


Ruby Bleu said...

hey Suki Su...
WOW - You have grown!!! You almost don't fit in your bed anymore. I think along with begging for some food, you need to start begging for a new bed too!!!

Good Luck with That! Lots of Licks, Ruby

Seadra & Zoe said...

We can't believe that you grew that much in a month!!! Wow...

Tell your Mom and Dad not to feel bad because even grown pugs are adorable!! Just look at my sister Zoe. We still think she's just as cute as when she was a baby.

Love, Seadra

Tadpole said...

Oh, Suki Su!!! Look at you! Getting so big! You need to put on at least 15 more pounds before you even begin to catch up with my sister Fig, so keep on eating cheese and peanut butter and frosty paws!!!

kassi the doxie said...

home-made frosty paws!?!?! your mommy must share this recipe! you are growing into such a pretty you - I live next door to 2 pugs, and I try to keep them from gaining too much weight... so nice to meet you!


Jemima Jones Beck said...

oh you poor dear!
you have entered that phase in your life when all anyone talks about is how small you "used" to be. How tiny you "used' to be amd how itty bitty you "used" to be. I remeber that phase. I felt so fat...
but don't worry! you are still a b-e-a-u-ty-ful pug!
Jemima Jones Beck

Joe Stains said...

mmm I had a giant dinner and this is still making me hungry!!

kaui said...

Suki you have grown into a young lady! and man, you get all those treats everyday!? WOWZA. you are a lucky pup!


Ume said...

look at how much you've grown, Suki Su! u need a new bed!

Clover said...

Hey Suki Su! I posted a photo comparison of myself yesterday too. :) Wow, you really are growing up quick! I am a week behind you still (of course, haha), but I am trying to catch up. Maybe I need to ask for more treats? I am still only 5lbs. This is fun, growing up together. Have a good day Suki!
Love Clover xo

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, you are growing up, all those foods seem really healthy and yummy, I think mommy and daddy should give you lots andlots more.

Frenchie SNorts

leah said...

whoa.. all that growing in a month?! let's hope you stop growing soon, or you'll be as big as a st. bernard!

and don't let anyone ever tell you that wee little puppies are cuter than older ones. dogs get cuter with age -- it's a little-known fact. puppies are so over-rated. ;)

Stanley said...

Suki Girl!

You are growing at your own rate. So, you won't be a munchkin pug, but you will always be a bootiful one!!

Goob love,