Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Change of Heart and my Eatables

Wally, Suki, Duke & Gidget , and some of my other pup pals write sometimes about their eatables. I have to say that you dogs all eat very well. I posted recently that I do not care for my kong. Additionally, I have never really liked peanut butter. Today I flip-flopped faster than Governor Pawlenty on taxes after the bridge collapse and am going nuts over my peanut butter kong.

Give me that kong, WOMAN!See? There's peanut butter in my kong. Yummy!
Mommy doesn't feel well so she took the day off. She blames it on her birthday party and her sister (aunti Maui!) who is full of cold germs. I have been busy entertaining and keeping her company. She always says that if she was ever a stay-at-home (pug) mom, she would need to make friends with other stay-at-home (pug) moms because she gets really bored and checks her work pee-mail constantly. I suggested that mommy turn off Martha Stewart (it makes her feel guilty and hungry anyhow) and get off the couch (that I never get to pee on) and and start making me some of those frosty paws I'm always drooling over on other dog blogs.

It's true that mommy has never been much of a cook, so I was skeptical of her frosty paw making abilities. But daddy just went grocery shopping and bought some yogurt and mom can get creative in the kitchen when she puts her mind to it. Plus she's been watching Martha get all crafty so that takes care of inspiration. No more excuses, lady! Make me some frosty paws!

Instead of going by the recipes she has found online, mommy decided to channel her inner Martha and come up with her own (simple) ingredients.
Then mommy decided it might be a good idea to make sure I like blueberries. She likes them because they are rich in anti-accidents (oxidants) so I tested one out.
And liked it so much that took off with it leaving only a purple skidmark on the floor.
Delicious before!
Delicious after!
Sloppy Sally got a little overzealous with her frosty paw pouring, but overall I do like her choice of mold. The arrow says, "kindly move AWAY from my frosty paw!"
I was such a patient pug that I got to sample the goods before they went into the freezer.
And now I'm sitting pretty and being a good girl while I wait for the treats to get done.
I'm not sure if this is a tag game, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I want to see what kinds of treats my pup pals Ricky Pepper, Jemima Jones, Tadpole, and Seadra and Zoe enjoy!


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi are too cute for words! Really, so cute. It's making my Mom pug crazy!!! Those frosty paws look YUMMO! I need to ask for those bleuberries!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

P(ee)S: Isn't PB GREAT!!!!


Suki, you are tooooo cute. I love your last picture! I am so jelly im gonna go bark at my mom to make me some blueberry frosties. Did you ever get those pj's? I wanna see you in them, and so we can be twins over blogger ;)

Jemima Jones Beck said...

hi suki!
your mom is very creative in the kitchen! i need to get mom to make me something - but i am so picky!
well, i got your tag and i am working on figuring out what my faves are!
Love ya,
Jemima Jones

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo,

How bootiful your frosty paws will be... purple! YUM YUM YUmmy YUM YUM!

You are a picture of extreme cuteness in your waiting-for-frosty-paws mode! I love it.

I just tagged you and Suki & Clover (I know she's gone for awhile). So, get your hiney on over to my blog to check out the details please!

Goob love,

Suki said...

Hmmm...I've never tried blueberries, but Mom has offered me raspberries & blackberries & I did NOT like them. I hate fruit & veggies...but that's good that you like them! They're supposed to be really good for you, and you probably won't be as fat as me..hehehe!

Puggy kisses

Ricky Pepper said...

hi suki!

My momma gets creative in the kitchen too! Since you tagged me, I'll blog all about momma's custom treaties!


leah said...

I WANT SOME FROSTY PAWS! i don't care if they're just for dogs, they look soooo good! (especially in this crazy heat.)

and i just might have to change my blog title to "surrealist bop cap" -- hee hee!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki,
That's a good girl being so patient and waiting for your yummy treats! Did you like it? :)

wally said...

Oh! Your tastyables look, well, TASTY! I love blueberries, too. Mmmmmmm.


ps. SMOOOOOOOOCH! I will be extra gentle with you because you're so so tiny.