Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hi doggins. We're all moved in and getting settled, but we don't have internet access. We'll be taking an involuntary mini blogging hiatus and will update just as soon as we're back online, hopefully sometime next week.

In the meantime you can pee-mail us at suki.sumo @ yahoo.com!

Smell ya later,

Suki Sumo & Mojo Risin'

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Home

We are all moving to a new house just like Winston and Cossette and Ruby did recently.
Mom and dad took us over to the new place to check it out before we move all our bones and snacks and stuffies in this weekend.
There seems to be plenty of room for rowdiness. We approve.
It even has a huge closet for all of mommy's and my clothing!
While mom and dad pack, my new brudder and I have been lounging, playing and barking at each other. A LOT. Mom and dad and I have decided his name will always be Boo-Boo, BUT we have started calling him Mojo Risin'. And that name seems to be sticking best, silly as it is. Mom sings that song to him all day long.
Alien eyes! Here's what else we've been up to this week:
(Why yes, that is daddy sleeping on the couch with us!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brother From Another Mother: The Untold Story

Mom and dad told me we were going for a car ride and that I would get to hang out in my brand new booster seat.
We were in the car a long long time- much longer than it usually takes to get to the Big House (grandma and grandpa's). Before I knew it we were at a big pretty park near a river and two pug dudes were there to play with me. They were fun- and wouldn't you know... soon they were in the car again with me!
One is my new brudder and one is my new uncle. The black dude's name is Boo-Boo (but we've been calling him Face a lot because of how cute his face is and because mom has always called me Boo-Boo and we're all sorts of confused now) and the fawn is named Little Guy. Check out this tongue, yo!
Little Guy:
Grandpa has a special name for Little Guy: Chili Dog! I think that's pretty funny. Once we got back to the Big House everyone had a bath and ear and fold cleanings. It was a zoo at the Big House with five dogs but then Boo-Boo/Face got to come home with me. Since then it's been a rough and tumble time. Here are some good shots of us posing and then in action:

New Brudder

Heya dogs and rats and all my peeps:

I have a brother!

I'll post all the details tonight. For now I need to spend the day chillaxin with my new homeboy.


Friday, August 8, 2008

An Award, Water Puggy and Help!

Petra gave me this Kind Blogger Award. Thanks, Petra!! I think it means I'm KIND of cute and KIND of hungry and KIND of a pain in my mom's butt because I'm whining at her right now! I will give this award to Clover because she is the real kind of kind.

Mom took the day off so this morning we went for a nice long walk. It was hot. We always bring water but summertime walkies have to be shorter than the ones in the fall and spring. After hot walkies we come home and mom always fills the tub with nice cool water.
This cools me right down and I love splashing in the water and kerplunking all over the tub. Usually I pretend like I am digging a really big hole in the tub. Mom keeps her camera far away from that. I also play with the blue popsicle that Clover sent me.

After the tub I am a totally rejuvenated puggy. I get the ZOOMIES and find some socks to play with. Today mom wasn't fast enough to catch any pictures of it.
But do you see that brown sock? I love socks!

Also, mom has been taking to somebody who needs to re-home their puggy boys. I am so excitered to have a new puggy brother but dad needs some convincing. Grandma and grandpa have already offered to take one of these dudes. Does anyone have any encouraging words for my dad? How could he say no to faces like these?

Pee.S. Mom's event went well and she thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's mom's birthday today. She's about 187,000 years old. This is how I feel about it:
(Pee.S. I am posting this on August 5 but back-dating it to August 4 because Blogger would not let me upload photos. Grr.)

She's pretty busy and stressed because she's responsible for something really big at work tomorrow. Here are a couple photos of me to cheer mom up today: