Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Tag At A Time!

Holy moly - I've been tagged! Suki wants to know what five items I would put in my time capsule for future dogs to check out. First I wanted to know why I have to share my junk with dogs that don't event exist yet! I'm more of a taker than a giver when it comes to stuff like this. But mommy 'splained it and I suppose if it means my cute little puggy legacy lives on, then here I go:

1. My kong. This is sort of a selfish one because I personally don't care for my kong. But then it's sort of like giving to charity because I hear that other dogs of our time really go crazy for these things, and why should dogs of the future go without? Somebody might as well get enjoyment out of it. Especially since I will selflessly sacrifice a treat to go inside of the kong for the future pup. Dang, I'm such a giver.
2. Fish. OMDog fish is my most favorite treat in the whole wide world. Mommy taught me to do SIT with fish and maybe future doggies can learn some tricks over fish. Mmm, fish! No doggy should go without! (No Nemos were hurt in the training of Ms. Obedient Suki Sumo)
3. A loofa dog (but not my loofa dog). Every pup should have one good frienemy. Look at that smile - friendly, or maniacal? It just depends on my mood. So while my own loofa is in no shape for time travel (or sitting in a box unloved and untormented), I want to show future puppies how important it is to have a good frienemy.
4. I definitely think I ought to include a gremlin - which is something I am NOT. However, mommy calls me a gremlin all the time when I get excited. I admit that I do make some weird noises. Thanks to my time capsule inclusion, future people and pups will have a name for the super duper awesome puppy noises we emit.
5. One of my food bowls and a picture of me showing mommy and daddy that I AM HUNGRY FEED ME NOW SO HUNGRY I NEED FOOD! This is the pug's plight. The picture demonstrates the way you convince your humans you are way underfed and deserve more delicious food now.
So that's the Time Capsule de Suki Sumo. I'm not sure who has been tagged, but I don't think I have seen Ms. Jemima Jones' time capsule yet, so Jemima - consider yourself tagged!

I know I was tagged by Wally to do my five favorite books, but I need to think about that a little longer. I have my very first Twin Cities Pug Meetup playdate today, so be on the lookout for a report soon. I'm going to go nap so I'm rip-roaring ready to go this afternoon!


Suki said...

You look so roly-poly in that last picture, it's the cutest thing!

We have so much more in common than just our name, Suki. I, too, hate Kongs. And I, too, love loofa dogs. They are the BESTEST!

Puggy kisses

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Suki Sumo, you are soooooo cute! and such a sweety for thinking of tagging me! I have posted my time capsule on my blog! I wont take up room here on your comments with it though!
stay cute!
Jemima Jones Beck

Ume said...

hiya Suki Su,
great choices for the time capsule! i would luv to hear u make gremlin noises!

hmmm... your post reminded me dat i need to do the same tag. gotta get my a** on it now!

Clover said...

Hey Suki,
Thanks for stopping by to wish me well. I was so excited for us to exchange work stories from Friday, but then I was so sick I just slept in Mommy's lap all day.
Good ideas for your time capsule! I have to do mine now too...I think I have to put a loofa dog in my capsule too, I hope you don't mind!
Hope you had fun meeting other puggies!
Love Clover xo

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki,
I hate kongs too. They are like rubber tires to me. Yucks.
I just got a loofa dog (issit called Bobo?) from tadpole and I can't wait to get started on it! it looks COOL!!

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo,

You have a cool bed. It's like a gladiator ring, only smaller.

Goob love,