Friday, July 6, 2007

My boiz

Meet my big bad uncles!

Trigger! Aka: Trigz, Big Boy, Muscles

Jakey! Aka: Nakie, Noods, Jake the Snake, Jakey Doodle Dandy, Submarine Tail

These are a couple of special boys, because both are rescue dogs. Our family adopted them from some really sad situations. Trigger almost died from neglect and a really bad case of heartworms a few years ago. Now he's obviously happy as a clam and healthy as can be. Jake suffered from abuse and has had a lot of trust issues to overcome. At first he was fearful of my grandpa and only liked women, but now that he feels safe and comfortable, he is a little joker.

You guys will never believe this, but both of these big dogs are terrified of me (all 3.5 pounds)! Jake completely avoids me and Trigger performs a lot of sniff-n-runs when I'm around. It's hilarious, but frustrating because I really want to play with these guys! My theory is they think I am Piggy Loo's incarnation. Mommy says that Piggy Loo was the most feisty old pug for miles around and kept Trigs and Jakey in line when she was alive. Every human family member misses her so much. Apparently Piggy lived with the family in the pre-digital camera era, which is why we can't post a picture of her on the blog right now. Anyhow, I wish Trigger and Jake would realize that I'm just a playful puppy and they shouldn't be so frightened!

Just so you don't forget how snuggly, adorable, and NOT scary I am:
Peace out!


Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh Suki Su....don't worry; your brothers will soon learn to love and adore you. It just takes time with us doggies.

But make sure they understand that you are going to be the dominate one. Us females have to stick together.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Pugs & Kisses said...

You are so cute and I like how you are making your place with the big boys. You let them know who is boss.

Ume said...

hi Suki Su,
u r so so adorable!
i think your uncles may be afraid of hurting u during play, since u r much smaller.

Suki said...

Ha! Big dogs are always scared of me, too!

How nice that your family gave those boys a wonderful home. They're so beautiful, I just can't imagine anyone hurting them :(

Puggy kisses

Stanley said...


How cool that Trigger & Jakey get to call your home their home! I'm sure they'll warm up once they realize you're not an alien or your family's other puggy.

In that last photo you are stinkin' cute! You kind of look like a marine mammal with little front flippers.

Goober love,