Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long Time, LAZY Mama.

OMD, it has been like a million puggy years since we have blogged. And it is my mom's fault entirely. She worked a lot through Christmas, and now she doesn't have a jay-oh-bee at all and has been searching and searching. No more school, either. So what has she been spending all her time on? Crafting. Seriously, crafting. NOT blogging. But not completely ignoring us puggies, so we can't complain too much.

The first thing I want to say is a big public bloggy THANK YOU to my bff Clover for the Christmas package she sent us last month. We really enjoyed the giftables! And we're really sorry we didn't post about it sooner. Here are the pictures of us opening and enjoying this loveryly package:

Inspecting the package.
(If you biggify this picture you can see some paper stuck to my flat nose)OMD treats!
Gingerbread Man! This is our favorite toy right now. The squeaking drives us bonkers (in a good way!). Mom and dad came up with a silly little voice for Gingerbread Man. He also came with a gingerbread bone but we ripped its guts out, literally.
This is my favorite toy of all time- ROPE SQUIRREL! Rope Squirrel is pawfect in every way and I love her so.
We also love- err, loved Squishy Carrot. We also ripped out Squishy Carrot's guts.
And we saved the best part for last. These are by far the most tasty TREATS we have ever eaten. Seriously, you won't believe the tricks I'll do for these potato and cheese treats!
See? Sit AND down at the same time. All for the treats.
THANK YOU, CLOVER! And we are so sorry for being so rude and waiting a month to make this blog post.

Other than that, we don't have much to update. It has been cold- colder than usual. Auntie Sara made us some scarfs so we've been in full cuddle mode.
Pugs out!


The Devil Dog said...

Welcome back. We are sorry your mom doesn't have a job any more. That must be really tough. We hope she finds what she is looking for soon.
Great gifts and scarves.


Stanislaw said...

Oh my feasting... that rope squirrel is the COOLEST! It looks like you guys like squeaky toys as much as we do. Have fun!

Ike said...

That scarf is sooooo cute!

kaui said...

love love ur picture with the paper stuck on your little nose! hehe you two are soooo cute! we hope ur momma finds a job real soon!!

Nevis said...

What lovely gifts! And the scarf is ever so dashing!

Sandra y Coco said...

cute gifts! Suki, Can you walk with your scarf?

Stanley said...

Hey, puggies! Glad to see your snorfling faces!

In that second photo, you look like you're snorting spaghetti, Suki. (Sure you're NOT?!)

Clover girl is such a great bud to you two. Looks like you were double-teaming those sploding stuffies, but evidently Mr. Gingerbread is holding out! WoOOoHoOooOOO! I hope he lasts a very long time!

Goober love & smooches,

Clover said...

I love the pictures you posted of you guys and the package I sent - I just KNEW you would love the rope squirell!!
I am sorry to hear that your Mom does not have a J-o-b right now, and I really hope she finds something she loves soon!
In the meantime - what a pawesome Etsy store she has! I bet she can make lots of moneys there - beautiful stuff!
Love Clover xo

Lex said...

Yay you're back! We missed you!

Sorry hear about your mom's job, hope she finds something quickly.

That rope squirrel and gingerbread man look sooo cool!! :)

wally said...

So glad you're back! I hope your mom gets a jay oh bee so she can buy you lots of snacks. I bet she's done some cooooooool crafting.

wally t.