Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hi hi hi hi guys! It's TRIGGER and I am hacking into Suki's blogger.

This is us on Christmas. Do you see her in the background with sissy Maui and my bone?
She is always stealing my bone. But Christmas is about GIVING and I am a love sponge so I put up with it. Plus there were more important things to think about like my very important Christmas job. M and I were in charge of handing out the pressies.
We found one for Suki!
She needed some assistance to open it.
OMD what is it!?
Now if this was very own stuffy I would love it, shake it and chew it until it was sufficiently dead and de-stuffed because it kind of reminds me of a squirrel (and killing squirrels for Boss is my other job). My guess is sissy Jen and BFAM (brother from another mother) Leo will take it home and I'll never see the likes of it again. What a shame.

Ruh-roh, the Fun Police is making his Christmas rounds! Suki and M must be having too much fun with the squeaky!
I probably don't have to tell you this but Sukes is totally spoiled by Boss and mom (her grandparents).
I really like that harness on her. It has such a wonderful texture - so soft! I wonder if they make Puppias big enough for German shorthairs? (Leo is really excited too.)
Jakey the Christmas Beagle inspected the tree for more treats. Don't worry, we big dogs got loves and chewies too!
I hope I get to hack the blog more often for big dogs EVERYWHERE! I gotta go chase squirrels for Boss now.


Ruby Bleu said...

ohhhhh Suki Su...I got a puppia harness just like that in pink. we could be twinnies!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww, we love your new harness, its so cute! Hi Trigger too! We hope you enjoy all your new pressies!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Pedro said...

Hi Trigger!!! My Grampa is teaching me about all the evils of squirrels... I don't think Capt'n Daddy and Momma approve though...

Stanley said...

Trigger Man!

You sound like my kind of Dog, dog. I too am a squirrel hunter, and I love your Suki Sumo cuz (or is she your neice?)

You are so sweet to let Suki take & keep your bone. She's a lucky pupgirl to have an uncle like you to watch her back!

Goober love,