Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's still really cold and I still do not like it.

What up, dogs? Certainly not the temperature. This morning we woke up to -12 degrees Fahrenheit (with some serious wind chill). That is -24.44444 degrees Celsius for my Canadian friends! It's even colder than the last time mom and I were complaining on my blog!
But this made my mommy feel better (thanks, KR!).

Lately I've been feeling a little mischievous since it's too cold for walkies. These socks that I stole from mommy might help keep my tootsies warm.
Don't worry, I never get in trouble for stealing the socks. I'm a pug. And adorable.
So adorable that grandma bought me a new toy a while back. It is one of my favoriterest. I love my Wubba and it matches pawfectly with my pretty blue harness.
Besides keeping each other warm lately we have sort of been wedding crazy. Check this out:
It looks like some computer geek convention! Mom, dad, grandma and grandpa all got together and did some serious planning and favor making. I was a great helper pug, of course.
Stay warm!


Petra said...

Suki Sumo, you couldn't be any cuter! That pink scarf is your color and you sure look warm in it. Keep up the good work as you help with all the plans. When is the wedding?

Jemima Jones Beck said...

oh no! you poor thing! I can't believe how cold your weather has been?
so, when are your parents getting married? are you in the wedding?
I wasn't in Mom and Dad's wedding because I wasn't born until about one day after they got back from their honeymoon...i think that they totally regret not waiting for me ;)
Jemima Jones Beck

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo!!

You are the perfect fashion accessory for your grandma! You totally MAKE that outfit.

Your pug wrinkles are stinkin' cute, of course your mama could never get or stay mad at you!

We got that computer screen/window washer pug in a peemail today. It cracks my girl up everytime she looks at it!

Stay cool (which of course, means, stay warm)!

Goober love & warming smooches,

Frances Louise said...

We feel for you Suki Sumo. Keep you and your little paws warm!

Wedding plans can be rough . . . Give your parents extra love!

You are such a CUTE pug!!!

wally said...

BRRRRRRRRR! Too darn cold. I like to steal socks, too. But they have to be dirty.


ps. Congratumalations to your 'rents. Are you going to be Maid of Honor? Flower Girl? Perhaps you could get an internet divinity degree and officiate!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Suki! That is really cold. I mean, really cold. I think that we would not go outside in weather like that. BRrrrr! The computer comvention looked fun. Enjoy the wedding planning.


Frasier said...

Hi Suki
I love socksies too!!!
Mommy and I get into this whole pretend fight thing when she getes ready to run...every single day.she wonders when it gets old!!!I say never


it's me Mona

me wants ya to come over and tell me what breed Copper is

bet ya can't guess!!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hi SukiSu!!!! Oh you are cuter and cuter! I understand you: it was so cold around here too! I don't like it! I want warm days!
Kisses and hugs for all!!!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

aren't those pupia harnesses the greatest? I have them for all of my Pugs. Belle has the same blue floral print one!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

adorable! we have had some really cold weather too! No fun going potty out in the cold and snow!

Joe Stains said...

omdog omdog I am seriously frozen solid just reading about it! stay warm buddy!!!!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Hi Suki Sumo! Still lovin that pink scarf!
Yep, Mom and I like Aqua, but atleast we are properly ashamed of ourselves!
Love ya~ hope that you are having a warmer weekend!
Jemima Jones Beck

Yoshi's mom said...

Hi everyone! Just Yoshi's (big brother's) mom dropping by to say hi. I'm so glad you all were at the pug meetup today. We love Suki's blog!!! Very cute and creative!

Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww Suki, you are so cute! You must be so excited about your pawents wedding! Are you gonna go? :D

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Nevis said...

SO adorable! When are you getting married? Have you picked a date, yet?

Ike said...

I didn't know you're planning a wedding! I think you should be in charge of the cake!
PS - e-mail me about getting together if no one is sick anymore

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki,
I am soo envious of your colorful Puppia Harnesses. I just got my very first PINK one and I love it so. :) hehehe..
So when is the wedding??

Frances Louise said...

We are getting your weather now. It will be 9 degrees today!

I tagged you on my blog -- come visit and see!

rpm said...

I hope you sleep right up next to your person to keep her warm! Our new pug Emma was living with her foster mom who was from Minnesota and has moved to Florida and she loves the heat down here...said she would love to be 80 degrees all the time. Maybe you should ask your mom for y'all to move down here!

Sparky said...

Are your pawrents going to let you be the flower pug in their wedding?

Pedro said...

You know - Mom and Capt'n Daddy try to dress me up in warm things... But I will have none of it. I like going out in the cold au natural. Especially when it's so cold that my nose gets that foamy icy snot. Yea, it's gross, I know.