Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dog Park & TAG I'm IT!

Randi the Lab/Newf has awarded me with THIS!
I love your blog too, Randi! Thanks so much. Twin Cities pride, yo!

I'm going to paw this forward to some blogs that I love: Ms. Jemima Jones, Winston Pugsworth, Ricky Pepper (and Lucy, Chloe, and Sophie!), Sparky & Patches, and Clover. Even if you already have been given this award, I do love your blogs. I really love all of my doggy friend's blogs.

Today I get to tell you about my adventures at the DOG PARK on the Mississippi River! In this picture I'm like, whoa lady, you mean I get to run around without a leash!? You're the best mom EVER!
These are my bodyguards, Justice the Labradobie and Lucy the GREAT Dane.
She's sniffin' out an unsavory lookin' character for me here.
Hmm, I don't know about this guy. It looks as if he's trying to steal my mommy's affections.
Doh - she totally fell for it! She gave him a treat! I guess he's pretty cute. His name is Tugboat. He followed mom around for a while.
I think I let the jellyfish get to me a little bit. Here I am bullying around a lab. Fortunately for him, he managed to escape my puppy teeth by diving into the mighty waters of the Mississippi.
I met all sorts of dogs and humans and smelled lots of new scents. I even came when mommy called and stuck pretty close to her. She was totally PARANOID about me taking off on her.

The car ride was an added bonus. I didn't even have to ride in my little blue box! The 'rents must have been in a really good mood. Maybe somebody gave them extra treats.
Speaking of treats, I have to thank my grammie and aunti Maui for the new PINK Puppia harness! They picked up the harness along with other treats for me at a cute doggy boutique in Seattle. I have no idea where that is! Mom says it's close to Duke & Gidget and Winston.

Now I'll tackle a tag from my puggy friend Suki. She said I have to think of five nicknames for my mom. I had to take a couple days to mull over this one. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Mommy, of course.
  2. Lady - that's what I call her when I'm feeling sassy.
  3. WOMAN! - I try to save this for the mornings when I'm demanding to come out of my kennel or to be fed NOW.
  4. The Human With Opposable Thumbs - because those suckers come in handy for opening food containers and making money to buy me treats and stuff.
  5. Big Bad Mean Mommy - this is when mommy talks about dressing me up like a like a baseball or a chicken for Halloween, makes me sleep in past 6 am, says it is NOT okay to munch on the furniture, computer, or her toes, tells me I've had enough treats, or is generally being a bad mommy.
Suki also tagged me to think about what kind of vehicle I am. I think this one is fairly obvious:
The Volkswagen Beetle, of course. Like me, this car is:
  • Cute
  • Economical
  • Stylish and trendy
  • Urban
  • Somewhat flat-nosed
  • A little bug-eyed
  • Fast
  • Feminine
  • Adorable
I tag Randi, Jemima Jones, Winston Pugsworth, and Seadra & Zoe!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Duds

Halloween is one of mommy's most favorite holidays but I'm not sure how I feel about being a pumpkin. I barked at mommy for buying me such a gigantic pumpkin shirt.
Mommy always calls me her "little pumpkin" but I think she is taking it too far.
I like the new brownish shirt better. I think I have seen Tadpole in this one cause he was mad about the bow. Look! We're twins now! Except I'm a more hairy (and a little lady, not a big boy).
She also adopted an octopus to replace Eli (RIP - I could not resist the puggy temptation to rip her limbs off one by one and take her guts out). I named the new stuffy Pinky or PINKY!PINKY!PINKY!
Pinky actually only has six legs so I'm not sure she is a real octopus. That doesn't matter. I am pretty excited that she has SIX LEGS to rip off and de-stuff! I'm an EEOO chew toy employer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foodables for Wally

In order to cheer up my dear friend Wally after the stoopid Trojans/Hoosker game last night I am going to talk about my foodables. Every morning mommy feeds me a breakfastable of kibble and yogurt.
Oh um, excuse me while I go wipe off my yogurt goatee.
And on Friday it was a SPECIAL day because daddy brought me a treatable! A baseball cookie! And although it's not in the shape of a footie I do believe these are Hoosker colors (and close to Twins colors, which should remind Randi and Ike and Kassie of the home team) and it was delicious nonetheless.
Let me examine this. To play or to eat? Definitely to eat!
Mommy took a little nibble and says it had YOGURT frosting. That means it was healthy!

Don't feel so bad, Wally. The Gophers lost too!

Friday, September 14, 2007

An Impassioned Plea!

Alright, so this does not warrant an impassioned plea. But this is super exciting! My Colorado buddy Ms. Jemima Jones is playing the Pay it Forward game. If you are one of the first three pups and people to respond to her blog post, she and her mom will send you a HANDMADE GIFT! I think that is pretty rockin' so I responded and now I am in the game too. But here's the deal: there are still two open spots on Jemima's blog so all you interested doggins should hurry on over there. As soon as her slots are filled then my mom will figure out something cool to make for three dogs and their humans and will help me post the Pay it Forward game on my blog!

And just to remind you of who you'll be getting cool handmade stuff from:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Play the Game! I have waited so long for this momentous occasion. Balboa has chosen a picture of ME (and my uncle Trigger) for his Create a Caption game and I am so excited! Already there are some really funny quotes so go check me out and play the game!

Other good news:
  • On Monday I turned four months old. I'm getting so big and tough!
  • The new vet told daddy that I won't need a nose job after all.
  • The new vet also told daddy that I am one good looking pug. He is officially the best vet EVER.
  • I got to go to mommy and daddy's kickball game tonight and not only did I see aunti Maui play like a pro, but I also met some big dogs named Justice (a Doberman/Lab) and Jade (a gentle, beautiful Pit girl). Justice totally reminded me of uncles Trigs except he wasn't really interested in playing very much. But I tried because I LOVE to WRASSLE with the big doggins!
I hope that everyone is having a delightful week and NOT forgetting about this squishy face:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Big House and the middle name game

In order to lift my wounded spirits (see last post), my puppy friend Clover tagged me to do the middle name game. I think just about everyone has done it, so I'm not going to tag anyone or post the rules.

S mall but saucy
U nspeakably cute

M agnificant and mighty

O h my goodness, a PUG PUPPY!
And since Grammie finally figured out how to send pictures through the interwebs, I leave you with many pictures of my weekends up at the Big House. First, my uncle Trigger and me:
Gramps makes sure our tug-o-war games are evenly matched:
A total toughy (and a little worried): me behind bars at the Big House!
Here is Mean Uncle Jakey. He looks cute but he really doesn't like me. I adore him.
Running like the wiiiind! I don't think you can see it in this small picture but mommy says my ears are all floppy and I look like a little bat.
One of the best things about going to Grammie's place is that she always gives me plenty of treats. Yesterday she even went to the butcher and got me a fresh delicious bone filled with marrow - I didn't even have to steal it from Trigs! For some reason mommy gets all grossed out when I try to chew it on her feet. Not sure what her big problem is - meaty bones RULE.
So even though I was so rudely tricked by my parents and still do not have a brother, I think my weekends up at the Big House make up for it, eh?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is a picture of my parents in Sioux Falls last weekend, where I was NOT allowed to go (over LABRADOR DAY weekend, NOT Suki Sumo the Pug weekend). I think my mommy is a) surprised b) embarrassed that she forgot to take me on the long car ride or c) fanning away stinky smellies.
Instead of going to the Suuuuu(ki) Falls, I stayed here in Minnesota and went to Grammie and Gramps' house. I don't have pictures of this yet because Grammie has to figure out how to send them over the SERIES OF TUBES(!).

But here is an interesting story from this week. It was a typical Monday: BORING.
Eli and I were chillin' and minding our own bidness.
When out of nowhere...
This new pug is in the house. What's this!? I thought. Could it be a new BROTHER!?
But it doesn't smell like a brother. And it certainly doesn't taste like a new brother.
WTF!? What's so funny, mom and dad?
Ah, DUPED! It's a fake brother. Very funny, guys. Har-har.
I guess one Suki Sumo is enough for this place. For now!

After that bad joke, mommy made it up to me by taking a shower and letting me jump in the tub. Later daddy and I played a nice long game of towel tug and ZOOMIES!
I hope everydog had a really great Labrador weekend!