Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dog Park & TAG I'm IT!

Randi the Lab/Newf has awarded me with THIS!
I love your blog too, Randi! Thanks so much. Twin Cities pride, yo!

I'm going to paw this forward to some blogs that I love: Ms. Jemima Jones, Winston Pugsworth, Ricky Pepper (and Lucy, Chloe, and Sophie!), Sparky & Patches, and Clover. Even if you already have been given this award, I do love your blogs. I really love all of my doggy friend's blogs.

Today I get to tell you about my adventures at the DOG PARK on the Mississippi River! In this picture I'm like, whoa lady, you mean I get to run around without a leash!? You're the best mom EVER!
These are my bodyguards, Justice the Labradobie and Lucy the GREAT Dane.
She's sniffin' out an unsavory lookin' character for me here.
Hmm, I don't know about this guy. It looks as if he's trying to steal my mommy's affections.
Doh - she totally fell for it! She gave him a treat! I guess he's pretty cute. His name is Tugboat. He followed mom around for a while.
I think I let the jellyfish get to me a little bit. Here I am bullying around a lab. Fortunately for him, he managed to escape my puppy teeth by diving into the mighty waters of the Mississippi.
I met all sorts of dogs and humans and smelled lots of new scents. I even came when mommy called and stuck pretty close to her. She was totally PARANOID about me taking off on her.

The car ride was an added bonus. I didn't even have to ride in my little blue box! The 'rents must have been in a really good mood. Maybe somebody gave them extra treats.
Speaking of treats, I have to thank my grammie and aunti Maui for the new PINK Puppia harness! They picked up the harness along with other treats for me at a cute doggy boutique in Seattle. I have no idea where that is! Mom says it's close to Duke & Gidget and Winston.

Now I'll tackle a tag from my puggy friend Suki. She said I have to think of five nicknames for my mom. I had to take a couple days to mull over this one. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Mommy, of course.
  2. Lady - that's what I call her when I'm feeling sassy.
  3. WOMAN! - I try to save this for the mornings when I'm demanding to come out of my kennel or to be fed NOW.
  4. The Human With Opposable Thumbs - because those suckers come in handy for opening food containers and making money to buy me treats and stuff.
  5. Big Bad Mean Mommy - this is when mommy talks about dressing me up like a like a baseball or a chicken for Halloween, makes me sleep in past 6 am, says it is NOT okay to munch on the furniture, computer, or her toes, tells me I've had enough treats, or is generally being a bad mommy.
Suki also tagged me to think about what kind of vehicle I am. I think this one is fairly obvious:
The Volkswagen Beetle, of course. Like me, this car is:
  • Cute
  • Economical
  • Stylish and trendy
  • Urban
  • Somewhat flat-nosed
  • A little bug-eyed
  • Fast
  • Feminine
  • Adorable
I tag Randi, Jemima Jones, Winston Pugsworth, and Seadra & Zoe!


Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh great!! We wanted to do the car tag and now we can.

That pink bug is totally you.

We are going to ask our Daddy to help us with this one because he is a huge car guy.

And the pictures of you with your friends at the river are the best. Thanks for sharing,

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Randi said...

Oh Suki! I LOVE YOUR CAR! I bet the doggie park on the MN river is fabulous..I love you body guards...I think I'd have to have wooly mamoths as my body make me look tiny...Tugboat is sure cute! Reminds me of a restuarant on St. Anthony Main in Mpls named Tugs...He could be their mascot!
Love & Licks,

Ike said...

My mom thinks Tugboat is totally adorable too. WTF?

Clover said...

Hey Suki!
Thanks SO much for the blog award! I love your blog too!
Wow - I love your new pink harness!! I am totally jelly.... I have this terrible green one that isn't even comfortable like a Puppia looks... I don't even know if I can get one of those in Canada?
Anyway - looks like you had a great time at the dog park. I love the beach!
And finally, your car choice is impeccable - you do look like that cute pink Bug!! (And I picked a VW too, we are like sisters!)
Love Clover xo

Ricky Pepper said...

Oh haha thanks for my award! Even though I am a boy I like your new pink harness - mommy says that would be cute for my sissies. Funny you look so much like that VW! Glad you had so much fun at the River!


Suki said...

What a pawsome time at the dog park! I can't wait till it's a little cooler out so I can go to the doggy beach.

Those are good nicknames, and that car is pawfect...totally you!

Puggy kisses

P.S. You're getting huge! And I mean that in a good way. But seriously, I think you're gonna be a big pug ;)

ChaChi Lu said...


Your car is so cool...and it DOES fit you perfectly. Did you know we live in Minnesota too? Darling, let me introduce myself. I am ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne the greatest and most beautiful Chihuahua on the planet and I have a little pesky brother named Jet. Love your blog!

Chihuahua licks and kisses,
ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

wally said...

You look AWESOME in your harness and you did a great job with the tagables!

Wow, your park looks fun! You're like the pugs at my park who boss around the other dogs! Except me! I do bossing! The bigger they are, the bossier I get.


Joe Stains said...

you totally showed those big dogs who is boss, good going!

Stanley said...

WooHoo, girl! You know what they say... Once you go offleash...

Now that you have tasted free form puppy play al fresco, I bet you can't wait to get back there! You sure were mixing it up with the BIG DOGS. I bet we'd have ourselves some fun if we could hang together.

Tell your mama we need video of you in action!

Goober love,

Pee Ess
I love your blog too, girl!

wally said...

Tag! You're it AGAIN! You have to share 5 things you love about DWB (see my blog for details).


Oscar said...

I am so glad you got to go to the dog park! I don't think any dog should be without a dog park. I'm glad your unsavory character turned out to be a good guy-sometimes you never know!

I also think you are definitely a pink volkswagon beetle. You should get one.

Tadpole said...

Oh, you are SO a little VW Beetle!

And my girl is going to check out the pink plaid Puppia harness for my sister.... She has a solid pink one right now (my girl makes her wear pink so people know she's a girl) but the plaid is awesome! Fig is not going to be happy! Hee! :-)

fig said...

Bah. Tugboat needs to be taught a lesson.

And what's with the name "Tugboat" anyway?! It's about as bad as "Tadpole".... Fig and Suki Su are must more appropriate doggin names, if you ask me.

Toby said...

Hi Suki
My names Toby and Im a puggle puppy. I love your blog and I was hoping we could be friends! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the dog park. I can't wait til im old enough to go to the dog park!


Sophie Brador said...

What a fantastic dog park!

Toby said...

Hi Suki,
I know where Antioch is..My mommy said she used to live in Brentwood which is right next door to Antioch! Im so glad we can be friends!

love Toby

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