Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foodables for Wally

In order to cheer up my dear friend Wally after the stoopid Trojans/Hoosker game last night I am going to talk about my foodables. Every morning mommy feeds me a breakfastable of kibble and yogurt.
Oh um, excuse me while I go wipe off my yogurt goatee.
And on Friday it was a SPECIAL day because daddy brought me a treatable! A baseball cookie! And although it's not in the shape of a footie I do believe these are Hoosker colors (and close to Twins colors, which should remind Randi and Ike and Kassie of the home team) and it was delicious nonetheless.
Let me examine this. To play or to eat? Definitely to eat!
Mommy took a little nibble and says it had YOGURT frosting. That means it was healthy!

Don't feel so bad, Wally. The Gophers lost too!


Oscar said...

Oooohhhhhh...SUki that looks so yummy! I love your picture of your yogurt goatee!

wally said...

Awwww...Suki! That's so sweet of you. I'm totally cheered up! With my foodables and my friendables (not necessarily in that order) I will get through these tough times!


ps. I'll act sad more if it will mean your peeps give you more yogurt-based snacks.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Suki,
That cookie looks yummy!! Your yoghurt goatee is cute!

Ike said...

Mmmm baseball cookie!

Joe Stains said...

mmm yogurt frosting, I LOVE that idea!

kaui & sumo said...

that cookie looks yummy! your lucky you have no little booger to steal it! so enjoy it!!! im jelly.

wally said...

Suki Sumo--

Your mom was right to be suspicious of the pig bones. They gave us PORK BUTT all night. My ma ape thought she needed a ventilator it was so stinky! But it was natural gas!


Ruby Bleu said...

What a yummy looking cookie! Woot! Hope it tasted good.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Randi said...

WHOOOT! Go Twin Cities! What a yummie cookie..did they hand them out at the metrodome for the game? They should!
Love & Licks,

In Pug We Trust said...

That's a fine-looking cookie, Suki. And how nice of you to cheer up your friend after the football game.

Newton :)

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo,

That's a mighty tasty looking cookie you had there. Thanks for cheering up my Woober buddy, Wally. I'm sure your efforts warmed his old Corgador ticker so much that you added some extra years to his life.

BTW, you're cute no matter what you're doing.

Your Goober bud,