Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smart Pug

Clover gave me an award! The award says "It's ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. Please take this award, and place it on your blog if you wish."

Thanks, Clover!!
Clover is one of my besties as well and I am so honored that she feels the same way. I want to give this award to all of my blog buddies because ever since I came to live with my mom and dad in June you have all been my super good best friends! I woof you all. I also want to give it to my uncle Trigger even though he doesn't have a blog.

Also my mom finds these test results very amusing. I'm not sure why.
cash advance
You're looking at one smart pug and one delicious pizzle cigar.
There has been this tag going around that looks interesting. It says to tell 8 random facts about yourself, and since I love to write about myself I think I am going to give it a try:

1. My full name is Suki Sumo Wrestler but my family has all sorts of nicknames for me. Some of them are Doodoo and Doodee (I answer to both of these names), Booty, Sukes, Dukes and Duki. My grandpa calls me Lullabelle, which is one of the nicknames they had for a pug they used to have (mommy says "we love you, Ms. Piggy!").

2. I love slippers and socks.

3. I can always tell when my mom is trying to trick me into eating healthy treats. If it's a fruit or vegetable I usually hold out for the good stuff (the Jemima treats!). I'll only eat the healthy stuff when I realize I will not be getting the biscuits.

4. We live above a pizza restaurant and all of the employees are in love with me. I'm basically their mascot! Sometimes I even find tasty pizza treats frozen in the snow but my mom never lets me munch for long (so mean!).

5. I like to attack my mom and dad with pug love in the morning.

6. I swat at things with my paws like a cat.

7. When I come home the first thing I do is run into the kitchen and drink water out of my dispenser. I love that stuff.

8. I know when the camera turns on that it is time to pose pretty. I'm a total ham - can't help it!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki!
I am glad you started blogging cos I look foward to reading your posts. :)
Plus you are chinese and my hoomans are chinese, so I totally feel this bond for you. hehehe...

Frances Louise said...

So, I have to ask you -- how did your parents come up with such a tough name for an adorabe girl?! And I can't believe you live over a pizza place!!! Heaven! You are such the lucky pug . . . I would sneak down every night to get me some pizza!!

Clover said...

Hi Suki!
I am glad you like the award! And your 8 facts are fun! I also LOVE socks. I don't rip them up but I really love to play with them. If anyone ever leaves socks within my reach at night, mom and dad wake up covered in socks. They are always grossed out when I find dirty ones.
Love Clover xo

Martha said...

That's a nice award. I liked learning more about you with your random facts. Love, Martha

Auctions International Inc. said...

I tried the Readability Test on my blog and it came back 'Elementary' Level, so I tried it on my old Blogger blog (only 3 posts different from my new one) and it came back 'Genius'! Huh?! Am I that much dumber on Wordpress?

Auctions International Inc. said...

oops! I just posted under my work email. It's Christine & Giggs

Nevis said...

Suki is ridiciulously cute!!!

Joe Stains said...

you have some great nicknames! I cannot believe you live above a Pizza Shop, how lucky is that. It must smell great!

Pedro said...

I am staring to think more and more that we are made for each other!!! Not only are you absolutely irresistible but you also love socks and slippers, pose whenever the camera comes out AND you swat at things like a kitty... I do all those same things!! It must be fun to live above a pizza place, it must always smell tasty!

Pedro <3

Ruby Bleu said...

OK, guess I'm not so smart. Only a high school level. I am honored to be the friend of such a smart puggy!!!! I can learn lots from you!

I'm a HUGE sock lover myself...in fact Mom had to ask Santa Paws for socks for Christmas because I've put holes in hers - hee hee hee!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

OwnedByCookie said...

You deserve it Suki! Sorry I haven't been around!

Ronin The Pug said...

Hey SukiSu! You are so cute! And smart!
I want some pizzaaaa!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Suki! We liked reading the interesting things about you. The pictures are great. Congrats on the award. Friends are great, especially when you are sick.


Petra said...

You are just too cute!

I love slippers and socks, too.

Ike said...

My mom always swoons over you. I hope we see each other on walkies this spring. (I do not do walkies in winter!)

Seadra & Zoe said...

Suki Su....Could your Mommy tell our Mommy where she got you that nice soft harness? Our Mom wants to buy us one for Christmas.
Thanks. Love, Seadra and Zoe

wally said...

You live above a pizza place! Whoa... I would leave puddles and puddles of drool just smellin' the stuff. I can see you are totally a ham (but not the kind I like to eat) because your pictures are always perfection.


Weeny&Daisy said...

Hey Suki, we love reading your blog and hearing all the cute things you do! We added you to our list of puggy friends at http://weenyanddaisy.blogspot.com/ we hope to see you there soon!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Tadpole said...

Mmmmmm... socks.


fig said...

You should try looking AWAY every time the camera comes out. It'll probably make your parents say some pretty funny things, if they're anything like my girl. Very amusing. :-)

rpm said...

You are living about a pizza restaurant...Heaven for sure!!! You sure are cute.

Weeny&Daisy said...

Thanks Suki! You are welcome to borrow Daisys jumper when it fits you! It is cold here in Wales too! But no snow! Come on Snow!!!

Ralph said...

Hi Suki-

we liked reading about you- living over a pizza place must be amazing because pizza sure smells amazing!


Balboa & Mommy said...

You are sooooo lucky to live over a pizza place, they should give you a free pizza every night for being so cute.

I knew you were smart Suki SUmo.

Frenchie Snorts

Seadra & Zoe said...

Zoe does the same thing when the camera turns on. She thinks it's playtime and gets all excited. I on the other hand roll my eyes when the camera comes out.

Love, Seadra

Randi said...

Hi Suki!

I've missed you! Glad to hear you like socks..I'd love to get in the sock drawer of my peoples room...but for some reason..they don't want me to....theres enough socks for all of us to share I think!

Love & Licks,

Stella said...

Suki Sumo Girl!

You're not just a ham, you're a bootiful puggy ham. Such a lucky girl to be the mascot & upstairs neighbor of a pizza joint. I BET they love you sooooo much.

Your mama & daddy are lucky to be getting the Suki Sumo pug lovin' every morning. Feel free to spread that lovin' around anytime!

Looks like things with Pedro are heating up... hmm?

Goober love & smooches,