Monday, November 19, 2007

My V.E.T. & Other Updates

Good news, pups! Mommy, grammie, and grandpa took me to the V.E.T. over the weekend for my last shots for an ENTIRE YEAR. This makes me very happy. I'm a good girl at Dr. H's place but I'm not crazy about the shots.

I like Dr. H because he's kind of goofy looking with an Einstein 'do and a poofy mustache. The best part about the doc is that he loves pugs and gives me all sorts of hugs and kisses and attention and tells me how cute I am. Dr. H raises pugs and I think he said he is owned by eleven right now (some are puppies).

The doc weighed me and I now tip the scales at a whopping 13.5 ell-bees. He told mommy that I'll top out at 15 or 16 pounds, so I am almost a full grown pug-a-lug now. Mommy is relieved as she was worried she was going to have a 25 pounder on her hands. It seems I will be on the small side. No matter, I can still wrassle with the big doggins like nobody's bidness.
In other news, I busted out of my pink Puppia harness because I am STRONG so grammie had to order me a new one. Daddy was happy to hear that I'll be sporting a non-pink harness soon. Mommy reminded him that he's almost a married man anyhow so it doesn't really matter whether people question his preferences (um, does he prefer other kinds of dogs? Cats? I don't understand this one).

Finally, mommy and I are working feverishly on the Pay it Forward giftables. Mommy isn't the most crafty woman (certainly not like Jemima and Norman Featherstone's motherables!). She crafts like she drives: impatiently. But I can assure Clover, Sherman, Penny, Lola, Ike, and Balboa that I have tested your giftables and they have been approved. You might even find a few little renegade Suki Su hairs on the crafts as a bonus. But um, neither of us are sure when exactly these packages will be ready for mailing so hang tight, buddies!

OH YEAH! And I saw a commercial with some weirdo human posing as Chuck Norris. Do not be alarmed - the real Chuck Norris is a six-legged pink stuffy who lives in my toy basket and he is CERTAINLY not a republican. My Chuck Norris will kick Fake Chuck Norris' butt with six times the roundhouse.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Suki Su...
Yay about the vets!!! I hate shots I'm glad it is over for you. You are getting to be so grown and I could tell you were going to be a petite girl...such a cutie!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Frances Louise said...

Way to grow out of your harness! I am a full-figured gal -- I envy you petite ladies!

ronin the pug said...

Hi SukiSu!!! What a big girl! Oh you are so lucky you are shots "free"... I'll have to go in December for my anual shot... I hate it!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

LOL! Fake Chuck Norris is a republican? This sort of surprises me. Shots are no fun! I'm glad you don't need any more for a while. My Woman says I never have to get shots again, because I have had cancer, and the hippie vet says shots cause cancer. She's a hippie ...

Clover said...

Hi Suki!
Oh great news about the vet! My mom is SOOOO nervous about this Thursday, and I am a little scared too. But then I will get to see how much I am weighing now and maybe my vet can tell me how big I will be when I am a grown-up.
I am so excited for my craft with Suki hair on it! Tell your mom not to worry or get impatient. It isn't fun to stress! :)
Love Clover xo

Ike said...

How did you break your puppia harness?
Chuck Norris is so not human. What are people thinking these days.

Oliver the Puggle said...

Hey Suki!

GHlad to hear you are done with shots. I just got done with being neutered... I'm not goin' back there EVER.


Pedro said...

My parents hope that I don't become a monster pug. They like small petite ones (like you!). My last vet appointment I weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs! That's a big difference from the 4 lbs I weighed in at when they first took me to the vet!

Hey - would you mind dropping me your pee-mail? you can send it If you want too of course! :)

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki,
I am glad you are done for the year. Unfortunately, it's time for my shots! :( ARGH!!
Wish me luck..Mom just hasn't got time to make an appointment at the vet for me.

Joe Stains said...

you are just a small pug aren't you! good things come in small packages as they say. I also don't doubt you can kick some serious butt!

leah said...

dear suki,

you are, without a doubt, my most favoritest forward-thinking feminist pug doggie in the whole wide world.



Seadra & Zoe said...

Boy you are a dainty little pug. My sister Zoe weighs 27 pounds!! More to love I guess. You are so cute Suki Su!!

Love, Seadra

Martha said...

I think you look so cute in pink! I am looking forward to seeing you in your new harness. Love, Martha

kaui said...

Suki u will be just fine for your surgery! remember I am there with u in spirit! ;] and dont forget your SUKI SUMO WRESTLER!!!! so ur a fighter! rawrrrrrr

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo Sumo Sumo!!

You are growing up, and I'm not surprised, but it brings a tear to my eye.

You are such a sweet and tough sumo girl!

Congrats on the new harness!

Goober love,