Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Halloween Story

Oh my dog, I am so sorry I have not updated in such a long time. We have been too busy with Halloween and mommy's long work hours to share this week. Mommy has been acting like a crazy picture lady though.

This is me, forlorn and hoping my DWB friends will remember me after this long, blogless week.
On Sunday we had Pug-O-Ween. This meant that I had to get up in the morning and endure costume torture. I am still trying to figure out why they dressed me up like a devil.

I would say I put up a good fight. But check out daddy - he seems to be enjoying this in the photographic evidence. Argh!
I hated that tail!
Onward to Pug-O-Ween. I had a twin! As you can see, we were the engine and caboose of the butt sniffin' train.
There were more pugs at this meet-up than I have ever seen in my entire life (probably around 100). Their humans dressed them up as spiders, skeletons, pumpkins, Yoda, Frankenstein, and even Fred & Wilma Flinstone!
I made a new BFF. Her name is Bindi (after Bindi Sue, daughter of the beloved Steve Irwin, whom mommy loves). When I wasn't begging for treats I was wrasslin' with her. She's four months old and about half my size. "What a little beauuuuty!" I realized at this meet-up that for my age I am large - and in charge - but not fat.
And oh yeah... we had a visitor from New York. What a crazy dude!
He may look odd but he gives really good butt scratches. I loved waking him up in the morning with my snotty sneezes and lots of puggy kisses. That dude loves to party!


Punchbugpug said...

Glad to see you back and that you had some fun!

The Devil Dog said...

Glad you had fun. I endured the same costume trouble as well, but my costume is a little too small (really, I am not fat at all) so when mom finally took it off, I could stretch my legs and I ran around like a maniac. Or a run on sentence.


Ike said...

I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you're back!

Joe Stains said...

We sure are glad you are back! In that one pic you are kind of making a doofus face but it is excusable as that costume looks like pure torture.

Randi said...

Holy Smoly! That's a lot of puggies & doggies! Your new BBF looks very cute & wrasslinable....Love your halloween outfit....very clever!

Love & Licks,

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Wow! look at all of those pugs!
I wish that Mom and I got to go and do stuff like that!
Glad that you had fun sweety! Have you received your pif package yet?
Let us know!
Jemima Jones Beck

Ruby Bleu said...

You looked SOOOOO cute! Boo!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Clover said...

Hi Suki,
OMD I missed you, but don't worry, we all remember you! Your forlorn face is the cutest cutest face ever. My mom was wanting to kiss you through the computer.
Looks like you had a lot of fun at your meetup!
Suki - are you going soon for your surgery? I think I have to go in a few weeks. I am worried, but I thought I might feel better if I had somedog to share this scary time with.
Love Clover xo

Balboa & Mommy said...

You look so cute in your costume!!!!! OH MY mommy is squealing about all those puggies in costumes,

Frenchie SNorts

Suki & Joey said...

Wow, Suki, Pug-o-ween looked PAWSOME! I love the butt-sniffin' train...hehehe!

That Bindi is adorable. You are much bigger, though, but how old are you, now? 5 or 6 months? You are a big girl. I'm so tiny for a grown pug, I guess. Wow, I said "grown pug". I think I just saw my Mom cry! ;)

Puggy kisses

Pedro said...

You are the sweetest looking puggie devil that I never did see!
Looks like you had lots of fun!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Suki,
Aww..that face! How could we forget about you! What a great meetup! 100 pugs and counting? How did your pawrents find you among all those pugs? LOL!

kaui said...

ur a sexy DEVIL! i bet you had a lot of fun at your pug party!

Stanley said...

Suki Sumo!

Looks like you love to pawty too, girl!

I have to say, you're one stinkin' cute devil pug. My girl wants to reach through the pooter and smoosh you close and then give you all kinds of kisses on your cute punkin head.

Will you ever get to see Bindi again? Does she live close?

Thanks for a look into pug-o-ween!

Goober love,

Toby said...

Yay..glad your back and blogging! 100 pugs! wow..thats a lot of lil puggys running around. I bet that was fun! I like the butt sniffin train!

Love Toby