Friday, October 19, 2007

Stuffy Destroyer?

At one time I held the household record in Ultimate Stuffy Destruction. And then this guy came along.
Sure, he looks cute and cuddly like a cotton ball, but Bob the Bichon definitely has a dark side. He destroyed every single last stuffy I owned besides Chuck Norris (mommy put him away for our visit, and thank goodness for that!). Mind you, he was only visiting for two days.

I'm not sure what to make of all this.


Ruby Bleu said...

OMD that is the greatest news for you, you know why??? They have to buy you all new stuffies - WOOT!!!!

Oh, I wish I could go shopping with you...we could have so much fun picking them out you!!!

Oh, and good thinking from Mom on hiding Chuck Norris.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Hi there ms suki sumo!
Guess what? Mom is finally done with your pay it forward prizes! Yay!!!
So, if you get your mom to peemail my mom your mailing address Mom will get those mailed out to you next week!
Lovey smooches!
Jemima Jones Beck
Ps: it is a ladies right to chew stuffies, if we so choose!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

ps again:
here is our peemail address...
it is
Hey! all you freaks out there writting that down so that you can send us naked pictures - DONT!

Joe Stains said...

woah, never judge a book by its cover I guess???

Clover said...

Oh Suki! What a cute picture of you - I can tell you are apprehensive about Bob. (I am still loving your puppia harness, by the way...)
Sorry to hear about your stuffies. You know, I would have made a better house guest than Bob. I wouldn't have wrecked your stuffies!! In fact, I haven't destroyed any yet!
Love Clover xo

Toby said...

Oh no! all your horrible! You better tell your Mom to get your some new ones right away!

love Toby

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh GOD! This photo is so cuteeeeeee! Kisses!

wally said...

That picture of you is AWESOME. I'm with Ruby--stock up on new stuffies!


Stanley said...

Suki Sumo Girl!

As my hooman girl says, "the face of a pup can say so much... especially the mouth part of the face." But, in your case, the photo is all we need to know what you're thinking.

Sorry about the stuffy destruction. You're right, though. Bob looks deceptively sweet. At least Ruby has put a good spin on it. I think you peeps will HAVE to go out and get you new stuffies. Do they want you to be stuffiless? I think not. (Just don't get the new stuffies before Bob goes home).

Goober love,