Saturday, August 29, 2009


We have been neglecting my blog. Sorry about that. But do you know who else has been neglected?


Mom got a new job two weeks ago which she is totes excitered about but it keeps her away from home for many hours a day. This makes me a super sad puggy.
Luckly she feels really guilty and gives me extra treats and lovins when we're together. Here is a shot of me this morning while mom and I were playing with my blanket. Can you see how happy this attention makes me?
I am basically as cute as ever but I am hoping to put an end to this mommy-goes-to-work business. Any ideas?


C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Suki!!
Congrats to your Mama!! Horray!! But too bad she is away from you so much :(
I don't really have any good ideas to get her to stay home... sorry BFF!
I love that we have the same blankie; the one your mom made me is still my very favourite!

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Suki, Yeah for mom getting a new job. But boo for being neglected. She will have to buy you some new toys to keep you busy during the daytime!

Dutch the Pug said...

Hi Suki, you should play sick and make your mommie spend all day taking care of you!

kaui said...

I say u sneak into the work bag and go to work with momma! plus, everybody loves u suki duh! ;]


dw said...

Suki! You are such a cute little puggie I just know your mom feels really bad about leaving you all day. I like kaui's idea of hiding in your mom's bag and going with her. Just remember to have a lunch packed for yourself! :)

wally said...

Suki, I have no idea how she could leave that cuteness. Part of me wants your mom to really like her job but part of me really wants her to spend full time with you. This is a dilemma.

wally t.

Sandra y Coco said...

Suki! Missed you! Why don't you go to work with her better? people at work always give you treats.

Lex said...

Aww you are so cute! And how mean of your mommy! Maybe she needs to start buying you toys and treats since she is gone all the time!

Fred said...

My Old Girl works too. Boo! She tries to make it more about quality than quantity. Whatever. ;P

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Poor Suki!!! I was neglected when my momma went back to work too!!! I couldn't believe she had the nerve to leave me. Then she started reminding me how much I like food and treats and toys. I hate it when mommas play dirty!!! If I find a way to keep her home, I'll let you know =)


Nevis said...

Hooray! We've missed you Suki (And your Mommy). Glad you said hi!!!!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Pee on all her work clothes. That will leave 4 options:
1. She is embarrassed and doesn't go to work- FIRED.
2. She wears them anyway and smells like pee at work- FIRED.
3. She wears non work clothes to work and looks unprofessional- FIRED.
4. She goes to work naked- DEFINITELY FIRED.

GOOD LUCK! Drink lots of water!

Tadpole said...

OMD - if you find a way to stop the work-madness, please tell me! I do not like it one bit either. Hmph.

And that first picture of you with your little smooshy face smashed into the couch is just too cute. It's making my girl's heart melt :-)

catwrangler said...

OMG this is exactly what Magda is going to think when I get a job. She has become so used to us staying home (me unemployed) and dad works from home. Always something. Suki will have to be a strong puggy.

Jemima Jones Beck said...

When my mom got a job I got a bladder infection hoping that it would make her stay home. Unfortunately it just stressed her out and made her worry about me all the time. So don't try that.
You could try the old sad face treatment, or chew her stuff, or pee on her stuff. If you chew or pee on something valuable enough maybe she will quit and stay home to protect her stuff!

Ike said...

You always look like you're smiling! Love it!

meilinmommy said...

who can resist that cute face??