Monday, April 27, 2009

Unsuspecting Pug

Mom and I have this little game. It's called Unsuspecting Pug. Can you guess what we do? Here is a tutorial.

I spy with my bulging puggy eyes an INTRUDER...
The chompy hand! You must strike the hand before it strikes you!
You never know when the hand will strike, hence the name of the game. You don't want to be an unsuspecting pug.
We usually play this game in the morning before we get out of beds.


kaui said...

Suki i missed ur face! and u look so cute n sassy playing morning games with moms!

Clover said...

Haha, Suki! That sounds like a pawesome game! You look so cute playing. I think you are much more calm in the morning than I am. My favourite game in the morning is to creep back upstairs after dad takes me outside, and POUNCE on mom, and jump all over her until she wakes up. She shouldn't be so lazy!!
Love Clover xo

Petra said...

Your eyes say it all, Suki. I can tell you always WIN at this game!

Anonymous said...


We love that game too.. except sometimes the chompy hand goes after pug paws! lol

Brill said...

Ha, that looks fun; I might have to try it on Pepe :D
I love your pretty pink harness too x

Nevis said...

Ahh! The chompy hand!


We do this with the puggies, too, except I tap their noses lightly and they try to lick my hand, but I pull it away quickly. If they win and lick my finger, then they get hugs and kissies. :)

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Suki! we used to play this game every morning, too! I used to jump on mom's bed when dad was not home, and we would play this... mom got so used to the game that she would play without totally being awake. And I always won, don't ask me how if i cant see. It's a mistery! But now that we moved, the bed is too high and daddy says I shed too much to be on the bed. I will ask mom to come to the floor so we can start our daily rutine again!

Clover said...

HAPPY BARKDAY BFF!! I am sending a special surprise to you today, so of course it will be very late. But it is only because I really want to extend your barkday celebration. :)
Hope you have a great one! And Happy Mother's Day to your mama!
Love Clover xo