Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When mom told us she was going to pick up a package for us I said "Say what!?"
I had to guess who it was from (I can't read english because I'm a DOG) so I sniffed it really really hard.
Smells familiar!
Could it be? Is it from my bff Clover!? She knows that my favorite toy is my rope and this one has TWO ends so I can share with my brother...
Mojo decided to keep that one for himself. Harumph!
Another rope! Now we're talkin'.
OMD a super squeaky paper! Mojo goes crazy for squeakers...
And TREATS! I don't plan on sharing any of these tasty bones unless mom totally makes me.
Thank you, Clover! You are too sweet, pretty puggy.
You make Mojo feel so welcome in the dog bloggin' world!


Stanislaw said...

Say what?! Sweet package of goodies! Enjoy those rope toys!

You guys need to enter my Very Tiny Competition! If you win, there will be another awesome package for you. Check it out on my blog.

Have a great one!

Nevis said...

Great gifts Suki & Mojo. Clover is an awesome gift-giver.

Btw, I love the name Mojo. I used to have a Beta named that!

The Devil Dog said...

Those are great gifts. Enjoy.


Lex said...

That is so sweet of Clover!!

kaui said...

aw suki i missed seeing your pictures! You are growing up to be one sassy pug! :) I hope your teaching your brother some cool tricks!

xoxo kaui

wally said...

Haha! That first picture made me laugh out loud! What great prezzies for a couple of great dogs.

wally t.

Puddleglum said...

I want a squeaky paper. Dang.

You sure are lucky to have such a great BFF!

Clover said...

Hi Suki!!
Horray, your package arrived! I am really glad you and Mojo like the ropey toys.
I love your "say what?!" face! You and Mojo are the cutest!
Love Clover xo

Tadpole said...
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Tadpole said...

It is not even possible for me to convey how absolutely adorable my thinks you are. It's actually kind of nauseating, the way she keeps coming back to your blog and looking at you and giggling like a high school girl with a crush. *sigh*

Joe Stains said...

Clover is SO sweet. I don't know if I could share any of those delicious cookies either!