Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paws on Grand Break

I am interrupting my time at Paws on Grand today to let everydoggy know that I am bark-raving mad at mommy. I've been growling at her for days on end now to help me with my blog and she keeps promising that she will but then she LOST her camera cord AGAIN!

This is how mad I am - and will continue to be - until she helps me with the bloggy again (thanks to Auntie Kim for this picture, NOT mommy!):
Curl-o-meter low, mom.


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh do look angry! Your Momma better watch might pee on her bed or something!

Lots of Licks, ruby

Joe Stains said...

you should stock up on 4-5 on those cheap cord sites ;)

Clover said...

Hi Suki!
Oh no, that is a very evil eye for your mommy. Sorry to hear she keeps losing the camera cord! Good thing Auntie Kim is on the ball.
I am missing new pictures of your cute smiling face! Do you want me to mail you one of our camera cords?
Love Clover xo

Randi said...

Oh My! Dont wanna mess with this pugster ever! & you are at paws on grand???? YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!

Love & Licks,

The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear, your mom is in for it. Ican tell by that look. As for punishment, I like the "poop where they will definitely step in it" punishment over than peeing on the deb. Cuz that just really ticks 'em off in a really bad way. Pooping is much more benign but quite clearly demonstrates how upset you are.


Thelma&Penny said...

Momma told us you were really grumpy at Mommy that day...

smilingpug said...

This has got to be one of my favourite puggy pics of all time. You look really pissed at mum! The expression says it all.