Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Much to Say!

Everypup has been asking, and yes (!) it's true that we have been so busy getting ready for this big wedding pawty that happens in five and a half weeks! Last weekend aunti Kim, aunti Maui, aunti Jen, grandma and I threw a mini-pawty for mom. They called it a "shower." That must be the reason mom insisted on giving me a bath the night before. Aunti Maui brought a shirt for me that says "Mommy's Taken." This is my super tough look that says "stay away from my mommy, doggins!"
She's mine! I tend to feel a little jelly when she shares her affections, you know.
Mom and dad did find some time to take me for a walkie today. It has been so cold here but it finally is warming up. I was thrilled to be out and about the neighborhood! I had to pull extra hard to start working on my muscles for the wedding (not because I am out of practice walking nicely on the leash).
Don't I look like a pug boat? I mean, a tug boat?I also had to pick up some pee-mail.We met a totally crazy looking fella on our walk. This neighborhood is full of hippies! (The truck is just visiting, of course.)
When we got home mommy gave me some of her apple sauce. It's part of our plan to eat more healthy fruitables. It's a yummy plan!
I know I have been tagged by a couple of my besties, so I'm thinking about my memoir and will post about it shortly!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Clover ROCKS!

A few weeks ago mommy arrived home to find a package at our doorstep. It was shipped from Canadaland, so I thought it was from my best buddy, Canadian Clover! When mommy opened the box I knew it was from Clover!
I wish I had a picture of myself next to the box that I could share with you, but my address is visible in all of them and mommy doesn't have photoshop (or maybe she doesn't know how to use her photo editing software... whatever!). But I can tell you that inside the box were the best giftables ever!
She sent me a lambie stuffy (which I promptly destroyed... Clover must be so much more gentle with stuffies than me) and delicious grain-free treats. Mom is so mean and made me do lots of tricks for a taste.
Mmm, delicioso! Clover's dad also drew this beautiful picture of me and it made mom all teary-eyed. She's such a baby. It is lovely and I have no words to explain how perfect it is.
Thank you, Clover!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Aunti Nenny-Boo

Wutup, dogs? I know I promised to be back in a week about... erm, 2 weeks ago? But Mom is my typist and she has had her hands full. We're house sitting for grams and gramps and the three of us doggins demand constant attention. Constantly!

I have been barking at my mom to get pictures up of my pay it forward giftables from Clover but no dice - the pictures aren't on my grandpa's computer, apparently. But I do want to share something very interesting and exciting. My aunti Jen just started her own jewelry-makin' business and my mom is in love with her jewels! Its called Moca Moca Jewelry. And here is a picture:
I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


First: Happy barkday, Ruby!

Mom FINALLY has a 'puter, time AND a memory card all at once! Now I can give you a full account of my spring so far. But first, a juicy goober schnoz picture for my airebuddy, Stanley:
As some of you may know, mom and dad are really busy lately planning a big party that happens in a little over 7 weeks... their wedding. Daddy and I helped Nana Rita and mom pick out some flower girl dresses.
If you biggify the picture, you can see how daddy and I feel about this task. I am the ring bearer and although I love love love pink, I hope they don't get any ideas about making me wear one of those dresses!

Mom has been buying me a LOT of clothes since the winter stuff is all going on sale... because supposedly winter is over. Not that you would know it if you lived in Minnie-snowta (there's talk of ANOTHER snow storm this weekend. Ugh!).
When she brings the good stuff home I kinda feel like a mo-model, you know what I mean?
Check out the ba-donka-donk!But mom says I couldn't really be much of a pug model till I get some braces for my teeths. What do you think?
Heehee! Mom also gave me my very own corn.
I think it is okay.
Later this week I am going to tell you all about the package I got from my best buddy Clover. Hasta luego, dogs!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mom's Hero

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Woohoo! This puggy is back in action. Mom got her 'puter back and it's better than ever! Grandma has mom's memory card right now with the new (chunky) pictures of me. Here's an older photo of me to remind you how cayooot I am.